The Estancia Homeowners Association strives to provide a fun and safe environment for you and your dog(s). By using this park you agree that you understand and assume all responsibility and liability for the risks of unleashing your dog(s) in this facility. The Bark Park is not a supervised facility and users are required to abide by the rules and etiquette at all times and to maintain proper supervision of your dog(s).

The future of this park depends on members behaving responsibly and obeying the rules. Everyone is expected to behave with common courtesy and respect for the property as well as the park users. Owner socialization is a great added value to the park, but please remember the first priority is proper supervision of your dog(s).

  • Please watch and clean up after your dog(s). The necessary supplies are provided.
  • Please help by picking up orphan poops to keep the park clean and disease free.
  • Dogs known to exhibit aggressive or dangerous behavior are not welcome except at those times when the park is not being used by other dogs. This should be worked out among the users of the park. But socialized dogs have first choice.
  • The Bark Park is for the use of Estancia property owners only.
  • To help keep the park clean, please do not groom animals at the park.